I was invited with the team of Cookie Studio and another really well-respected artist around the world to do one of the scenes in the Main Titles of the festival.


The idea behind the titles was: Without know anything of what is doing the other artists in the video we need to create a 10-second animation, the only reference that we had was only the last frame of the part that is doing the artist that is before you in the video.


Was a really funny project to work with.

My animation is at (0:29 - 0:39)


Cookie Studio

Thierry Levy

Design & Animation:
Marcos Savignano, Simon Graham, Marcos Fernandes, Alex Magnieto, Aleksander Saharovsky, Rodrigo Stipkovic, Norte Estudio, Pierre Plouzeau & Thiago Maia

Music & Sound FX:
Marcelo Baldin (Combustion), Roger Lima (White Noise Lab,) Jesse Roth & Echoic

Audio Mix: